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Who the heck is Bob?
Rules of using Bob
How to submit your Bob comic
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Bob design created by Bing Ho, cartoonist of: Guardian Angel

Who the heck is Bob?
And what is his purpose?

Bob will be used like a "fill in" character just for fun by all webtoonists who want to use him in their comics from time to time. He'll be sort of like the "Where's Waldo" of webtoons in a way. He will be a "generic" character that every webtoonist can use to either interact with the regular "cast" of a comic, or he can just be seen in the background doing nothing. :-)

If you'd like to use Bob in your comic, please read the following first:

Rules of using "Bob"
If you plan to use Bob in your comic, please draw him (as best you can within your abilities) as you see him in the picture above so that anyone who sees him who has seen him before, will know that it's "Bob"!
In using the "Bob" character, you are being granted "limited right" to use him in your comic only as a "guest star" or a "background character".
In saying "limited right" that means that although you may use Bob in your comic in the form of a guest star or background character, you are not at any time to use the Bob character using the design above in the creation of your own comic that would "star" this character. Only "Bob's" original artist has this exclusive right.

How to submit your Bob comic!

If you've used "Bob" in your comic, let us know! Just fill in the form below (all fields are required) and send it along! After you have submtted your "Bob" comic, a link to it will be placed in the Bob Comics section for all to see! Before you submit your comic, please do the following first:
  • Create a permanent page on your site for your "Bob" comic, call it something like: bobcomic.html or anything you want.
  • Please add one of these animated buttons to the permanent Bob page by copying the HTML code located under the button below, and placing it into the HTML code of your Bob page.

<a href=""><img border="0" src="" width="240" height="75"></a>

Submission Form

Your Name:


Comic's Title (Or site's title: if you are a cartoon illustrator):

Site URL:

URL To your Bob Comic:

Please type in a short tagline for your comic:

Please check over your info to be sure it is correct before
clicking "submit"

-Bob Comics-

Here are links to comics that "Bob" has appeared in so far!
Be sure to re-visit this section often to see what comics
"Bob" will pop up in next!

In Your Dreams: an inside view of a truly twisted personality does their spin on Bob! Drawn by Micah Pearson Click here to see "Bob" featured in "In Your Dreams"!

Poet Ink.: a slapstick comic strip about two 8 year old brothers who run a deli, has a visit from Bob! Drawn by David Smith Click here to see "Bob" featured in "Poet Ink."!

Bob makes a brief but dramatic appearance in: Ink! Drawn by Jason Milfred Click here to see "Bob" featured in "Ink"!