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Last Updated 9/18/00

by Dave Lee
"A manga styled adventure/comedy/drama about a 21st century Canadian teenager who is beset upon by a myriad of otherworldly fantasy characters and those who would harm them. Enough action, plot and elf girls to satisfy every kind of reader!"
Updated: Twice a week

by Mike Leffel
Site URL
"What would a FAT JESUS do?"
Updated: Daily

"Faux Pas"
by Robert & Margaret Carspecken
Faux Pas
"The adventures of would-be animal actor Randy the fox and animal friends - both "pro" and in the wild. Gentle and fun with lots of wordplay."
Updated: Twice weekly (Tu/Fr)

"Feral Eye Cartoons"
by Terry Sedgwick
Feral Eye Cartoons
"Panel cartoons updated weekly by the Prince of Australian cartoonists, formally known as Mr. Sedgwick."
Updated: Weekly

"Fergo and Enrique"
by Robert Blake
Fergo and Enrique
"Cartoons about a dragon, a drunken rat, and other sick weirdos."
Updated: Three times a week

"Final Draft"
by Patrick Cheng
Final Draft
"Adult Oriented Emotional Societal Criticism comic, an epic story about a woman and her war against American society (With occasional columns based on current events). It's funny, sad, beautiful and disgusting."
Updated: Twice Weekly

"five - a terrible thing"
by e
five - a terrible thing
"an online comic about poop, and a boy with no feet."
Updated: once per week

by Wil
"The Lives of 2 Flatmates and their strange assortment of friends as they go from day to day trying to find new ways to escape the horrors of real life"
Updated: 3 times a week

"Fletcher's Cave"
by Mike Chambers
Fletcher's Cave
"Angst. Addiction. Avoidance. It's why you left college."
Updated: Mon-Fri

by Troy L. Smith
Site URL
"Single panel"
Updated: varies

"4 Seats Left"
by Jason Latour
Site URL
"The trials, tribulations and hilarious antics of a 20 something guy (Bernie) who loses his job and is forced to move back home with his parents. Come meet the hilarious cast of characters and join in their wild adventures!"
Updated: Every M,W,F

by Tony Morris
"A Frankenstein has entered the third grade. Hey, it could happen!"
Updated: M-F

"Welcome to"
by Frank Page
Site URL
"showcases the work of illustrator and cartoonist frank page"
Updated: weekly

by mike ross
Site URL
"Totally Outrageous Comics...Check em' out daily!!!"
Updated: daily

"Fred and Bob"
by Phil Johnson
Fred and Bob
"Fred and Bob is a simple strip with Fred being stupid, and Bob being smart. Fred owns a house (Bought by his parents for him because they won the lottary...) and since he is too stupid to get a job, he has a boarder named Bob. Fred also has a pet, which he found, named Drooler."
Updated: Once a week

"Fred the Bird"
by Rick Blum
Fred the Bird
"A funny animal strip that's actually funny"
Updated: weekly

by jamie
" is the homepage of "FreezeFrame" - Alaska's longest-running cartoon feature, now in it's 14th year of weekly publication in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner."
Updated: weekly

by Angela Beaman
"When you're a half human-half furmential - you don't go looking for trouble - it comes looking for you!"
Updated: Daily

"Gaming Guardians"
by Graveyard Greg and Web Troll
Gaming Guardians
"Who ya gonna call when a gaming system is in trouble? The Gaming Guardians!"
Updated: M-W-F

"Geek Salad"
by Warwick Rendell
Geek Salad
"Because salad is good for you."
Updated: Daily M-F

by Alex Smith
"A talking cat, a bunch of freinds, and a wacky cartoonist with a god-complex. What else could you want?"
Updated: Every day, even if it kills me.

"The Gimblians"
by matt gasser
The Gimblians
"In the dark, dank recesses of a cave live the Gimblians. Each week you can join these pint sized champions as they battle neighboring villages for the moss rights in the valley or fight an army of mad mice. The Gimblians will be a weekly cartoon strip that captures the life and times of the Gimblians as well as their many enemies."
Updated: weekly

"Ginger Comics"
by Luc Belanger
Ginger Comics
"Ginger Comics features the comic strips ‘SnakeS’ and ‘Living in Captivity’, single panels, editorials, and a grab bag. A new comic in each category every week. Mon-Fri."
Updated: Weekdays

"Goats On Ice"
by Alex
Goats On Ice
"illegitimate goatchild worth only $0.02"
Updated: daily

"Goeber the redneck alien"
by Daniel Barton
Site URL
"Goeber is a little redneck alien comic strip."
Updated: weekly

by Jay S. Bradley
"Rants, raves, and artwork from a disturbed amateur generation x gonzo journalist."
Updated: weekly

"GraveRiver High"
by Q,NeoFox, KatChan and TenshiKitty
GraveRiver High
"Its expected to expect the unexpected in GraveRiver High"
Updated: usually every week or two

by Brian Young
"When two worlds meet, only teenagers can save the Earth."
Updated: Mon - Wed - Fri

"Gravity Free Losers"
by Andrew Botos
Gravity Free Losers
"The traveling misadventures of Box Boy and Cannibal Girl, eating her way into and out of trouble. Also featured are the limb losing Wacky Dog, sketch journal, previews and Portfolio pages."
Updated: twice a week

"Greasy Spoon"
by Caz
Greasy Spoon
"The lives of College students who visit diners late at night, and have weird scholastic adventures during the day. And if that made sense come see Greasy Spoon!"
Updated: M-W-F

"Greystone Inn"
by Brad J. Guigar
Greystone Inn
"It's about a fictional comic strip —"Greystone Inn" — and the crew that produces it: The star, the producer, the P.R. director, and the rest of the crew."
Updated: Monday through Saturday

"Growing Up Goth"
by Laura Laser
Growing Up Goth
"Meet Starla Rae, an 8-year-old goth stuck in the hick town of Dog Hollow, Texas."
Updated: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays

"Guardian Angel"
by Bing Ho
Guardian Angel
"No one ever suspects an Angel"
Updated: Twice weekly... hopefully

"The Hackmiesters"
by Thomas Barnett
Site URL
"What could be funnier than real life? That is why I based The Hackmiesters on real life situations and on real people. Welcome to the world of the Hackmiesters, a world not so different from our own."
Updated: weekly

"Hair of the Dawg"
by Quinn Williams
Hair of the Dawg
"Hair of the Dawg is a comical perspective on a dogs life."
Updated: 3 times a week

"Heads that Shine"
by Vicho Friedli
NAME=quality VALUE=high>
"Two guys with shaved heads have various adventures trying to meet their favorite head-shaved movie stars."
Updated: Monthly

"Heaven and Earth"
by Lady Faith
Heaven and Earth
"Eye Candy Galore! A kaleidoscope of words and pictures."
Updated: weekly

"Hell Sweet Hell"
by Pyromancy
Hell Sweet Hell
"HELL! SATAN!! EEEEEEEVVVVVIIIIIILLLL!!! uh... and a couple zombies and computer stuff sometimes..."
Updated: week days + occasional sundays

by Scott Hutchins
Site URL
"Single panel cartoon involving famous works of art, movies, TV shows, and other pop culture icons."
Updated: Once in a blue moon

"Hidden Glade"
by John Harris
Hidden Glade
"The last remnant of an ancient forest, and its last remaining woodsprite resident, surrounded by the wilds of suburbia, overshadowed by the buildings of the great, gray city."
Updated: Weekly

"Hippo Brothers!"
by JD
Site URL
"Hippo brothers fight crime,eat hotdogs,wear thongs and make out with cardboard boxes.Just like your regular super heroes."
Updated: couple times a week.

"Ideas from one who always grins (I.F.O.W.O.G.)"
by Ole Joergen Malm
Ideas from one who always grins (I.F.O.W.O.G.)
"A norwegian comic strip about the world seen through the eyes of a slightly cynical loner."
Updated: 5-6 times a week

"Illogical Life"
by David
Illogical Life
"World domination!!! Cats!!! Video Games! Its L33t!!!"
Updated: almost daily

"Immoral Enterprises"
by Jim Taylor
Site URL
"Unexplainable comics from the demented mind of Jim Taylor."
Updated: twice weekly

"The ImuyumI Files"
by John Noran
Site URL
"A normal teenager with a normal family, in a normal house, attending a normal school. Just Kidding!"
Updated: If possible, Monday through Friday

by Jason Milfred
"You won't find any aliens, fuzzy animals or slackers here, but what the heck, check it out anyway."
Updated: (Almost) weekly

"Innies and Outties"
by Leonard M. Cachola
Innies and Outties
"Sarcastically cute."
Updated: Monday through Friday
"International House of Charlotte"
by Tera Kirk
International House of Charlotte
"100% Free of Normals...Almost."
Updated: weekly

"In Your Dreams"
by Micah Pearson
In Your Dreams
"An inside view of a truly split personality."
Updated: Every Tuesday and Thursday

"It's a Jungle out there!"
by Christophe "Hagen" Granet
Site URL
"It's a Jungle out there! is a weekly single-panel cartoon with a "G"-rated humour to be enjoyed by the whole family, from toddlers to grandpas. Cute animals are used to depict the funny or absurd side of life. Even though the title includes "Jungle" all sorts of animals are used: from Australian kangaroos and koalas (I live in Australia) to ocean, farm or wood dwellers and house-pets."
Updated: twice a week (Monday & Thursday)

"It Happens Every Day"
by Sonia Oppenheim
It Happens Every Day
"It Happens Every Day... is the online weekly family comic strip featuring the day to day lives of the Brenner family -- two parents, three kids, and a dog."
Updated: Every Monday

"Jayhoo and Jawhoo"
by mark
Jayhoo and Jawhoo
"A comic strip about two roommates, who are constantly at each others throats. Here, learn what NOT to say to girls, how to make an ass out of yourself, and how cereal is a perfectly valid food for ANY part of the day."
Updated: every tuesday and thursday

"Jenkins Comics"
by Scott A. Jenkins
Jenkins Comics
"Welcome to Jenkins comics where you will find the latest comic strip by creator Scott A. Jenkins."
Updated: 3 times a week


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