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W elcome to The LOL Cartoonist's Connection. We are a non-profit cartoonist resource site with the intent to provide some valuable resources for our fellow amateur cartoonists and cartoon illustrators at no cost and maybe have some fun along the way. We'll post important information on syndicates, promote fellow cartoonist's sites and comics and/or cartoon illustrations, provide helpful tips and tricks given by other cartoonists, obtain the option to take part in events and/or projects ran by other cartoonists, participate in awards ceremonies, and for the most part - have a little fun. And it's all FREE!  

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You will be under no obligation to participate, associate, pay any dues, or give up any rights by joining and maintaining your membership here with us. All characters, titles, comic strips as a whole are owned and retained along with all rights by their proper owners. We accept no responsibilities for offensive comic titles, contents thereof  or by any remarks made by our staff or members. We are NOT a comic strip host, NOR in the business of syndication. We retain the right to remove any membership and/or link on our site, but will give that participant notice before hand. We're all just here to help and have FUN!  

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