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Last Updated 9/18/00


"Kagerou : An Electric Manga"
by Fireball
Kagerou : An Electric Manga
"Homeless mental patient from Earth forced into cheezy save-the-princess manga story as the most unstable Champion ever known."
Updated: twice weekly

"Kippa the cartoon site"
by Katherine Payne
Kippa the cartoon site
"Kippa is a female photojournalist on a search for...something. Join her as she tries (not very hard) to keep her and her friends sane in her continuing adventures."
Updated: Twice weekly

"Knight and Day"
by John Steventon
Knight and Day
"An online comic strip that laughs along with newlyweds Steven Knight and Amy Day Knight as they discover the ups and downs of the roller-coaster ride called marriage."
Updated: 3 days a week

"Land of Nott"
by Alex Raffi
Land of Nott
"My name is Alex Raffi, I am a cartoonist and graphic artist currently living in Henderson Nevada. I work as the graphic artist and cartoonist for my local newspaper that features my comic strip Land of Nott and editorial cartoons on local and global issues."
Updated: every week

"Lees Cartoons"
by Lee Cornall
Site URL
"I am an amateur cartoonist and I have only just started using the computer to draw my characters and am using Serif Drawplus 6."
Updated: every week if possible

"Legends: Tora"
by Erin J. MacDonald
Site URL
"An online fantasy comic updated twice weekly. 'Heroes live forever, but Legends never die.' -Babe, The Sandlot."
Updated: Twice Weekly

"Lemun Drops"
by J.P. Ulmen
Lemun Drops
"Not for the Brave of Heart."
Updated: Daily(ish)

by lewiscode
Site URL
"A funny comic by me lewis code Micbee"
Updated: Monday,and Friday

"Life and times of B-chaos"
by bradford farmer
Life and times of B-chaos
"This is a comic that talks about the live or some highschool students. The names have been changed to protect B-chaos."
Updated: every day

"Life at the O"
by Wayne Spencer
Life at the O
"Life at the O: The biggest thing to hit webcomics since yo' mamma."
Updated: Every weekday

"Life's So Rad!"
by Corey Marie Kitley
Life's So Rad!
"'Life's So Rad' is an autobiographical comic strip about the artist, Corey Marie Kitley, her friends and the crazy crazy lives they live. Catch the wacky adventures of Corey, Justin and the gang at for new wacky adventures 5 times a week, in full-colour! Life, Love, Denny's, Hair Dye. It's a rad, rad world."
Updated: weekdaily (M-F)

"Lifetown Cartoons"
by Joe Ruisi
Lifetown Cartoons
"Hometown for those who are weary and in need of comic assistance"
Updated: weekly

by Po Shan Cheah
"A fox and a hare take a look at life in the suburbs."
Updated: Every two weeks.

"Link Artworks"
by David Link
Link Artworks
"My site is pretty much my art portfollio. Since I do airbrush as well as computer and hand drawn art it has a bit of everything. Although I do have some extra stuff like ceramics listed the site is mostley dedicated to art..Check it out. Thanks,Link"
Update: frequently

"The Local"
by Chris Gordon
Site URL
"The Local- A tale about England's grottiest pub. Oddballs, murder mayhem, food poisoning and a cat called Satan...."
Updated: Weekly

"Logan and the Bunny Squadron"
by Eric L. Kent
Site URL
"The adventure of a lifetime begins in 2000."
Updated: Daily

"Londons Times Cartoons"
by Alexa Ferotina
Site URL
"Londons Times has fast won national media and celebrity raves after 3 short years. "Not just a great cartoon...a REALLY GREAT cartoon!' Rosie O'Donnell producer Janette Barber "These cartoons ROCK!" Dr. Vinton Cerf, Founder of the Internet"
Updated: daily

"Lost In The Glen"
by Thomas Epley
Site URL
"A half fox half wolf with wings and two tails, a human with devil horns and a tail....welcome to the Glen!"
Updated: monthly

"Love Junk"
by Tony Murphy
Site URL
Flash Version(Flash plug-in required)
"Funny As A Crutch, Serious As Cancer"
Updated: Daily

"Mad cartoon World of Ted6"
by D. W. Conn
Site URL
"These toons were for TalkCity chat. illustrating those internet nics."
Updated: every couple of months

by Gianluca Missero

"Portfolio of Gianluca Missero, venetian cartoonist, 3d animator, illustrator and designer"
Updated: Monthly

"Mister Trioxin's Warren"
by Mister Trioxin
Mister Trioxin's Warren
"Everyone's favorite weekly comic strip featureing a cast of hideous, sewer-dwelling vampire. (Based on Vampire: the Masquerade)"
Updated: Weekly

"Mixed Myth"
by R. Meyer
Mixed Myth
"Pyromaniac goblin-elves, absent minded sphinxes, sarcastic pookas, mildly bitter werewolves, explosive phoenix eggs, and manuals of arcane calculus! All this and more at Mixed Myth. So sit back, have a nice cup o' tentacles, and enjoy!"
Updated: Every few days

"Moon Over Queen Street"
by Emily Altreuter & Erica Hohn
Moon Over Queen Street
"Moon Over Queen Street chronicles the adventures of three high school girls on a quest through the land of dreams."
Updated: weekly

"My Kind of Island"
by Mike Hind
My Kind of Island
"Marriage, family and friendship on a small island in the Atlantic. Oh, yeah.. and coffee... lots of coffee..."
Updated: Monday-Friday

"Naked: People in Car Chases (The Movie)"
by Brad M. Hacken
Site URL
"Join the ongoing story of inquisitive Detective "Buck Naked" as he sets out with reporter Farquar Devaliente to bust the evil man-kidnapping aliens disguised as a retro-1980's "Save the Lobsters" oranization."
Updated: Daily!!!

"Neon Silence"
by Uiru Kizarasu
Neon Silence
"Join Kanaka, Oni, Ukio, Sakaki, Sakura and Leona on an adventure that will thake you beyond good, beyond evil, beyond the boundries of your imagination This is NEON SILENCE"
Updated: once a week

by J. W. Cornelius
"Aliens and turtles run amok in Las Vegas!"
Updated: 3 times a week

"Ninja Bob Comics"
by Maria Francis-Moullier
Ninja Bob Comics
"Wacky Ninja fun, with random and gaming related humor, and bad art! It's fun!"
Updated: Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays

"Nip and Tuck"
by Ralph E. Hayes, Junior
Site URL
"Two country foxes, twin brothers-- with their own country-fried view on the world around them...."
Updated: 3 times weekly

"Noisy Head"
by James Francis
Site URL
"Angry blocky men, Drug-taking roommates. Megalomaniac toy robots, And all the emotions your stoamche can stand in just strips."
Updated: Weekly
Email: james@noisyhead.cjb.ney

"None More Comic"
by Bayard Russell
None More Comic
"This comic webzine features angsty college kids with lame superpowers, alien psych students, a little zen, and a dead cat. The usual. Daily comix and twisted little stories, articles and poetry."
Updated: daily

"October's Fools"
by Gordon S. McLeod
Site URL
"Young suburbanites. Supernatural pumpkins. Too much coffee. Small town life just got interesting..."
Updated: twice weekly

by Gary Clair
"Offbeat comics! A webcomic unlike any other! This one is funny!"
Updated: twice monthly (at least)

"Omnimation Cartoons"
by Corey Barnes
Omnimation Cartoons
"Funny comic strips starring superheroes, aliens, forest animals, and other comical characters."
Updated: Daily

"online comics and art @"
by jeremy vilmur
online comics and art @
"games comics art...what else could you want"
Updated: weekly

"Our House"
by Karl Kuras
Our House
"Just when you thought college life would be simple... you moved into THE HOUSE!"
Updated: 3 times a week

by Jon
"Single panel cartoons by Jon... erm... well that about sums it up really..."
Updated: weekly (at present)

"Paranoid Joe"
by Michael Ewing
Paranoid Joe
"Political correctness has reached such a level that just saying 'hello' has a pitfall of dangerous meanings and connotations. Paranoid Joe gives us a rough guide to living in today's tough world."
Updated: Three times a week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

by Paul Morgan
"As the name suggests, a "dry" single panel cartoon, more than a few steps left of center."
Updated: 5 days a week

by Jeff Read
"Watch for the stampeding Linux geeks!"
Updated: Once a week

"The PC Weenies"
by Krishna Sadasivam
The PC Weenies
"More Entertainment than Reading e-mail SPAM!"
Updated: twice a week!

by jamal slater
"A weekly online comic following the misadventures of Peno the dog and company. Includes character bios and archived comics."
Updated: weekly

"Pet Peeved"
by Lew Smith
Pet Peeved
"Pet Peeved, a refreshing perspective of pets and their ideologies. Enter a world where the animal kingdom runs amuk,just watch where you step."
Updated: mon-fri

by Drew Pocza
" A boy and his snowman."
Updated: Weekly

"Picasso's Inner Nut"
by ping
Site URL
"tagline: Has done for comedy what hammers do to small kittens heads. Come join us noggins. we love you."
Updated: once a month

"Plato's Republic"
by Alexis Fajardo
Plato's Republic
"When all else fails...grad school!"
Updated: daily (weekends too!)

"Plugin Boy"
by Roy Boney
Plugin Boy
"Electric boy and his suicidal tendencies"
Updated: weekly

"Poet Ink."
by David Smith
Poet Ink.
"A crazy slapstick comic strip about the daily lives of two 8 year old brothers named
Frank and Dave Poet."
Updated: Sporadically (at the moment)

"Point of View"
by Jamie Robertson
Point of View
"A collection of various Editorial and Political Cartoons."
Updated: weekly

"Postage Due"
by Brian Giovannini
Postage Due
"Postage Due is an offbeat comic panel."
Updated: Once a week

by Andy Reade
"Comix, cartoons, illustration & 'Nova Machine', the weekly web-comic by Andy Reade."
Updated: Weekly

"Puffy Cloud"
by robert mcclurkan
Puffy Cloud
"Super heros on their days off."
Updated: weekly

by Jody Pierce
Site URL
"punchbowl - comics that taste like sour grapes and chocolate cream pie"
Updated: weekly, sometimes daily


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