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  Our MissionJoin Us!Our Members!Post a Message!Talk it over!Review a comic today!Resources, resources, resources!And the winner is...Awards and such!oh...we got links!We wanna hear from you!We want some of the action too!Shamblin IllustrationsWelcome to the Cartoonist's Connection!
O ur current goal is to produce a helpful and insightful resource for our fellow webtoonists. We will have tons of great info on all the major syndicates including a little bit on the smaller companies. 

We will also have a  helpful FAQ section along with some useful tips from the syndicated and advice from fellow webtoonists. As we grow we'll attempt to create a fair awards system for those webtoonists who would like to take part in such an event.

We also hope to have events and projects ran by fellow members to add a bit of fun and camaraderie amongst fellow cartoonists. This is a non-profit cartoonist resource site and membership is completely free . It's true intentions is to create a fun place for web cartoonists to relax and hang out.

Please take time to join and participate in upcoming events. It's all in fun...