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W elcome to our resources section!
On this page we are offering information that a budding cartoonist would need.
Like syndicate information, tutorials, and more!
Please be sure to check this page as often as possible as new sections and more info will be added as time goes on!

If you are a cartoonist or cartoon illustrator and you have some information or even some tips and tricks of your own you would like to share with your fellow artists that you'd like added to this page, please contact
The Webmaster

Syndicate Information

Click any of the links below which will cause a pop up window to come up with all the info you'll need about that particular syndicate.
The info you will see has either been taken straight from the site, or straight from the editor of that particular syndicate.
Please note that many of the syndicates listed below also offer helpful hints on their website so be sure to click the links provided in each of the info windows to the syndicates' respective websites.

If you would like a list of these syndicates all on one page
Please click here

Creators Syndicate
King Features
Los Angeles Times Syndicate
United Feature Syndicate
Universal Press Syndicate
Tribune Media Services
Washington Post Writers Group

Useful Sites

Boogie Jack's Web Depot : A great website offering free graphics, tutorials for webmasters, fonts , and much more!

Blambot : A website filled with free fonts specially rendered for use in comics!

Cartooning With Bruce Blitz : A website that contains tips on cartooning, and an online catalog of how-to books, video kits, and cartooning supplies! : A supplies site that sells just about everything for cartoonists. from pen nibs and ink , to tone sheets and Manga art kits ! Check it out! : A website where you make your own Macromedia Flash based navigation bar to add to your site using a nice collection of ready made animated buttons, for free ! You can make as many as you want for free, but the free version adds a small link banner at the end of the navigation bar you make which leads back to . But for a subscription fee of $10.00 for 3 months, or $20.00 for a year, you can make the navigation bars without the link banner. : An art supplies site that not only sells materials for drawing, but also for painting, and ceramics/sculpting as well.
Creating Comics : A resource site filled with links to other sites which offer info and materials for cartoonists! A huge art suppy site from a company that's been around since 1911.

If you know of a good website that you think would fit into this list, please email The Webmaster with the subject: Useful site suggestion and please provide both the name of the site you are suggesting, and the URL where it can be found.