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Last Updated 9/18/00


"UFOs and Water Balloons"
by Scott Hepting
UFOs and Water Balloons
"An offbeat comic strip about three kids who play pranks on each other and run into aliens and such."
Updated: periodically

"Under the Lemon Tree"
by Ralph Hayes, Jr
Under the Lemon Tree
"A bluecollar bear and his anthropomorphised subconscious. Slice of life.... with a twist."
Updated: three times weekly (on regular schedule)

"Unfamiliar Destiny"
by Dina
Unfamiliar Destiny
"An online webcomic about a powerful goddess's life."
Updated: Once or twice a week.

"Untitled Again"
by Paul Roustan
Untitled Again
"The story of a college art student who discovers that whatever he draws comes to life."
Updated: tri-weekly

"Vampire Phantasm"
by Sarah
Vampire Phantasm
"An anime style comic series starring Jack Darkness and many others! Lots of Vampires."
Updated: Once or twice a week if not more.

"Victoria Drive"
by Bill Ackerman
Victoria Drive
"American life for this millennium. A daily comic featuring a family of, for lack of a thesarus, eclectic losers. Scripted by a cartoonist who occassionally gives away free promotional merchandise to bribe you, the reader, to continue reading."
Updated: Monday through Friday

by Steve Ogburn
"Fantasy comedy-adventure about a fun and reckless Dwarven prince!"
Updated: 3 times a week

by Tim Tanner
"Wander: a comic strip about a little girl with an extensive wardrobe of personalities, passions and beliefs...but only one set of clothes."
Updated: 1/week

"Warp Zone"
by John Hurst
Site URL
"A college freshman, a recluse psycho, and a.. Slime... Put them all into a dorm and wacky game hijinks ensue! ... Wait, it's not a NBC sitcom! Come back!"
Updated: Every Monday and Friday"

by Justin Jennings
"Join in the zany antics of a young boy, named Hewitt Hamilton, and his friends, in this daily comic strip called the WeedPatch. (Warning: This comic strip has content, known to the State of California, to cause bursts of laughter. Use daily or only as directed. Apply liberally.)"
Updated: Daily

"The Weird Worlds of Pewfell Porfingles"
by Chuck Whelon
The Weird Worlds of Pewfell Porfingles
"Far out fantasy tales set in a long ago future."
Updated: Daily (Mon - Fri)

"Wheel of Death"
by Pissant & DickTrain
Wheel of Death
"'We Will Shit On You.' Extremely slacking comics that are so bad . .they're good!"
Updated: Every Tuesday and Friday

"Wild Kingdom"
by Geoffrey Pagnotta
Site URL
"Wild Kingdom is about a dog and tiger in Japan it's off beat and very different."
Updated: everyday for now

by Tom Pagels
Site URL
"A little girl who's ambition is to be the next president of the US strong will, opinionated and can handle herself including her man counterparts"
Updated: periodically (just gettings started)

"The WillyTee Cartoon Page"
by Bill Teitzel
Site URL
"The site consists of several humorous cartoons about general items and past 'on the job' humorous experiences in my career."
Updated: weekly

by Peter Delgado Jr.
"WILLY is an on-line comic book site about life in the arctic and the determination of one penguin trying to keep his flock safe from predators."
Updated: monthly

"Wonder Temp"
by Bill Kelly
Site URL
"The comic strip adventures of the world's greatest temporary employee. Also includes other cartoons and caricatures by its creator, Bill Kelly."
Updated: weekly

"World of Fizz"
by Robert Blake
Site URL
"A cartoonist fox and his family."
Updated: Three times a week.

"Writer's Block"
by Barry Corbett
Writer's Block
"You write the caption contest."
Updated: weekly

"Yin And Yang"
by Jess Idres
Yin And Yang
"Romeo and Juliet it's not. Instead you get a modern, if strange look at college life from the eyes of Witch and a werewolf who are anything but ordinary."
Updated: Mon, Weds, Fri

"Yingling Productions"
by Steven Yingling
Site URL
"Humorous cartoon illustration and panels"
Updated: every couple weeks as I get new material to post

"ZACK -n- Frank"
by Bob Duffy
ZACK -n- Frank
"Weekly comic strip featuring ZACK and Frank...fuugettabowwwit!"
Updated: weekly

"Ze_mad_kid show"
by Jessie Alvarez
Site URL
"This is ze_mad_kid show. Some of this stuff is based on my real life."
Updated: everyday

by Mark Mekkes
"Zortic... Not your average little green man in a flying saucer."
Updated: 3 days per week

If you're a webtoonist and would like to take part in the LOL events, please contact Dave Smith and he'll get back to you as soon as possible.